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An inside look at the Holiday Collection photoshoot

An inside look at the Holiday Collection photoshoot

Holiday season is upon us and what better gift than a new collection from E. Turner Couture? But before the collection is released to the public, we want to give you an inside look on everything that goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot for a new collection. 
[caption id="attachment_5077" align="alignleft" width="323"]14723621_1188444641201071_2490101177841090560_n Ellana and her assistant Beccah pose with the models, Asia, Daja, CC, and DominiQue.[/caption]
This past weekend we had a photoshoot for the upcoming Holiday collection. We had four amazing models to help us really showcase the new pieces. Our models were Asia Lanay, Daja Gay, and DominiQue Rodriguez of Veyn Model Management, as well as CC Sutton of SimplyCCLive.
When it comes to events like this, you always want everything to go perfectly. However, this wasn't the case for us. Between no shows, tardiness, and having people on different time constraints, you just have to take what the universe is throwing at you. Luckily, this curveball thrown at us only made us stronger, and we moved on, undefeated.
Hairstylist Martine Mack and Kesha Booker of BeautyMark filled in for us at the last minute, and they both did an incredible job. Not only in making each girl look great, but in working efficiently, as we were working behind schedule. 
[caption id="attachment_5078" align="alignright" width="350"]Kesha of BeautyMark getting model Asia ready for her close-up. Kesha of BeautyMark getting model Asia ready for her close-up.[/caption]
Once our photographer James and his partner were set up, and as Kesha would finish each model, we would get the models dressed in the outfits. We were lucky enough to pull some of the clothing from Jackie Adams's boutique, Melodrama. We had beautiful pieces from her boutique that were able to shine on their own but really helped our pieces be the star of the show for this shoot. 
James from Jaio Photography spent time with each of the models, taking incredible photos for hours. Even the unedited photos looked like perfection. We can’t wait to show you the final shots of the collection once it comes out. Stay tuned!

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