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Cleaning Your Jewelry

As tempting as it may be to throw your piece into the washer and dryer, we found an easy and safe way to clean your pieces, without any fuss! Tide’s To Go pens and Shout’s Wipe & Go wipes are Cloth & Cord tested and approved! We can tell you they work on MOST stains, however some stains may be harder to get out than others. Remember that with stains, removing them is better sooner than later. Not only are these great at removing stains, but they're great for on-the-go use. You can easily throw one in your purse, car, or pocket! Before you use your pen or wipe on your piece, test a spot on the back of your necklace, just to make sure what works better for you. Not sure which is the front and back? We have a blog post here that can help. Both of these products are super easy to use, and work best when you remove excess residue before use.   For the Tide pens, you simply press the tip onto the stain to help release the stain remover. Gently rub the solution along the stain to remove, and press down when more solution is necessary. Tide To Go pens - remove fresh coffee, tea, wine, spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchup, salsa, grape juice, and more. However, they don’t work well with grease, blood, and ink stains.    For the Shout wipes, start from the outside of the stain and work towards the middle. The wipes are textured, so they really get in there and work hard to remove the stain. Blot the excess moisture with a dry cloth or towel, and let it sit over night. We recommend you remove the stain at least 24 hours before you want to wear your piece so that it has time to dry. Shout Wipe & Go wipes - remove nearly any stain on any fabric.