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About Us

The Company

Cloth & Cord is a brand that specializes in creating and selling wearable art influenced by the rich heritage of African and African American art and culture. With a modern and artistic twist, our collection includes jewelry, accessories, and apparel that showcase exceptional craftsmanship and unique prints.  By combining innovative designs with global influences, Cloth & Cord offers customers an extraordinary selection of products that are not only visually captivating but also hold deeper cultural significance.  

When customers choose Cloth & Cord, they not only acquire beautifully crafted products but also become part of a larger movement that values ethical and sustainable practices. Each purchase directly supports artisans, empowers communities, and contributes to building a more equitable and prosperous world. With Cloth & Cord, wearable art becomes a statement of social responsibility, cultural celebration, and individual style.


The Designer

On the second floor of the historic New Orleans Krauss department store on Canal Street, Ellana Koné's creative journey took its first steps. It was during her high school years that her mother enrolled her in sewing classes. She immersed herself in the art of crafting garments from patterns. Guided by her passion, Ellana sought mentorship from a seasoned seamstress and bridal gown designer, who imparted invaluable knowledge on infusing garments with a professional touch.

Despite her undeniable talent for creating beautiful gowns, coats, pants, and accessories that captured attention and sparked a demand for custom orders, Ellana initially hesitated to pursue a career in the arts due to fear. Instead, she embarked on a journey in the world of technology and became a lead software developer at a prominent Fortune 500 company. Ellana excelled in IT for over a decade but throughout her successful IT career, Ellana's unwavering love for sewing, textiles, and art continued to fuel her creative spirit.

Driven by her deep passion and faith, Ellana embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between artistry and technology. Combining her expertise in IT, she crafted a custom e-commerce website that served as a vibrant platform to showcase her unique art pieces and reach a broader audience. In this perfect convergence of her talents, Ellana discovered the ultimate fulfillment, as her work beautifully merged her passions and enabled her to express her creativity to the fullest. By embracing her artistic calling and harnessing the power of technology, she has created a thriving enterprise that celebrates diverse cultures, impeccable craftsmanship, and the boundless spectrum of human individuality.