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Fashion Meets Technology: Cloth & Cord and C-STEM Empower Young Women in 'C-STEM is Fashion, C-STEM is Beauty' Workshop

Fashion Meets Technology: Cloth & Cord and C-STEM Empower Young Women in 'C-STEM is Fashion, C-STEM is Beauty' Workshop

In an era where fashion and technology are increasingly intertwined, Cloth & Cord and C-STEM joined forces to create a groundbreaking workshop, 'C-STEM is Fashion, C-STEM is Beauty.' The program not only showcased the potential of AI in fashion design, manufacturing, and distribution but also provided a platform to inspire and empower young women in the field. By partnering with SagSaw's 'She CEO' program, who identified promising participants from Clark Atlanta University, Bennett College, and North Carolina A&T, who showcased their drive and passion for both fashion and technology.


The workshop marked a significant milestone in bridging the gap between these two seemingly distinct fields. Through the guidance of Ellana Kone, the talented owner of Cloth & Cord, and Regean Flowers the inspiring founder of C-Stem the young ladies were introduced to the world of AI technology in the context of fashion. They learned how AI is revolutionizing various aspects of the industry, from design and manufacturing to distribution and personalization. Equipped with this knowledge, the participants were given the opportunity to harness AI tools and create their very own custom handbags, underlining the power of technology in unleashing creativity.

The workshop not only fostered technical skills but also instilled a sense of empowerment and possibility in the participants. By combining fashion and technology, the program challenged traditional notions of career paths and inspired the young ladies to explore multidisciplinary approaches. Through their experiences, they gained a deeper understanding of how AI can be harnessed as a tool for innovation and self-expression. Cloth & Cord and C-STEM are thrilled about the success of this program and its potential to engage more girls in technology through the captivating lens of fashion. By breaking down barriers and showcasing the symbiotic relationship between the two domains, they are paving the way for a future generation of tech-savvy fashion innovators. The workshop served as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and the importance of nurturing young talent.

As Cloth & Cord and C-STEM look ahead, this inaugural workshop is just the first step in a series of exciting endeavors. The partnership aims to continue offering opportunities that combine fashion, technology, and entrepreneurship to empower more young women in pursuing their dreams. By igniting curiosity and bridging the gap between traditionally separate fields, Cloth & Cord and C-STEM are shaping a future where fashion and technology intertwine seamlessly, creating new avenues for creativity, innovation, and female representation.

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