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Cloth & Cord Donates 100's of Face Masks to Clinics and Hospitals

Cloth & Cord Donates 100's of Face Masks to Clinics and Hospitals

Ellana Turner is a professional African American designer and owner of Cloth & Cord. Her company makes fabric based jewelry and accessories. She is a proud donator of face masks to hospitals and clinics. With the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) happening nurses and doctors are having to sew mask and use trash bags as protection of their bodies.
I'm thrilled to say that I had the chance to interview Mrs. Turner and that interview is outlined below:
Question 1: Where did you get the idea from?
Answer: So, a while back Governor Andrew Cuomo,(the governor of New York) made a post on twitter for small businesses to make masks because New York was the biggest hit by the Coronavirus at the time and there were massive shortages. We emailed and called a line they provided but we were not selected as a vendor. We also saw lots of broadcasts showing nurses sewing their own masks to stay safe because of the huge shortages. Even though we weren't selected, we new we could help in some way.
Question 2: How did you find the hospitals you donated too?
Answer: I ended up reading an article that showed hospitals that needed masks, so I called a couple of the hospitals on the list and asked if there was anything we could do to help.

Question 3: How did you fund the hospital donations?
Answer: So, we normally sell jewelry and accessories that are made from fabric and rope, so we had everything needed to make the masks already. The other way we funded the donations was on social media and through our website.
Question 4: How did it feel to donate to the hospitals?
Answer: It was great, everyone pitched in. It felt good to come together and give to people who were putting their lives at risk for others.

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