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Fall Casually

Fall Casually

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"This multi-color necklace will bring the simplicity of your look up to SIMPLY CHIC!!!"


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Hello Queens, 

Okay! Lets talk for a moment!

Do you ever get invited somewhere LAST MINUTE? I mean like a few hour before. Like the time your kids told you they had a field trip the next day and they wanted you to go, or the time your best friend wanted you to volunteer at the local food bank for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, or how about when your sibling tells you that they would love if you came to see your niece or nephew at their little league game....y'all with me? These untimely events are important to you, so you must attend ….right? Most importantly after you have said yes, of course, what are you going to wear?

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Now, because we will be doing some unnecessary moving, you want to be as comfortable as possible. This is the best time to wear some joggers, yes joggers!!! Now hear me out, joggers are an upscale version of sweatpants. The best part is, they are fashionable, and they can be very flattering on many body types. Purchasing your joggers (if you don't already have them) can be a hit or miss. You don't want to get a pair that are too thin, those are the ones meant to wear at home not in public so make sure you check for thicker fabrics. You can pair those joggers with a stylist top. A top you can move in, nothing to restricting. Over-sized tops are great for the fall and are one of my favorites. So if your top falls off the shoulder a little, let that skin show! If your top is a little too long, just simply tie a cute knot and you're good to go. Heels and booties are always a good look but with this we are going to dress down some and wear those cute sneakers that are in the back of your closet, the ones you have yet to wear. You can still be very fashionable with a pair of sneakers, and let no one tell you differently.

Although we are dressing down for a busy afternoon, you can never go wrong with a statement piece. Here we have our Queen African Print Bib Necklace.. This multi-color necklace will bring the simplicity of your look up to SIMPLY CHIC!!! The colors has a rich pigment that will make it easy to pair with other accessories. Just pick the color that speaks to you, Bold in red just screams statement!! With that you have it Queen, a great comfortable but chic look to tackle your to-do list. You can bend, jump, and even run after those kids if you have to in this fall fashion look.

Look the part in whatever you have on with our handmade crafted African jewelry like this beautiful Queen African Print Bib Necklace. Let me see how you recreated this look by tagging us on social media.

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