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25 Ways to Buy Black Houston - Black History Month 2018

25 Ways to Buy Black Houston - Black History Month 2018

We want to help you live #FORTHECULTURE this Black History month with our curated list of 25 Houston based black owned businesses that include everything from jewelry, accessories and clothing to art for your home. Let's support and show love for our community and culture by supporting black business owners and displaying our black pride! Not to worry if you don't live in Houston, most shops are also available online!

[title style="bold" text="1. Pink Lo Mein"]

Lo mein hand painted bag queen

Pink LoMein is a Houston Artist that uses more than a canvas to show off her work, from handbags to Phone cases and sip & paint classes too!



[title style="bold" text="2. Radical Dreams"]

radical dreams black pride lapel pins

Radical Dream products are based on social justice statements, positive messages, and prominent figures in Black culture.



[title style="bold" text="3. Cloth & Cord"]

cloth and cord queen jewelry

Check out Cloth & Cord for amazing jewelry and accessories! These pieces are perfect for making a statement and amplify any outfit!



[title style="bold" text="4. Kalanchoe Crown Co."]

Kalanchoe King Crown Co.

Kalachoe Crown's handmade Crowns for men and women are the perfect accessory for the Kings and Queens that you rightfully are. Doesn't have to be a special event rock your crown any time and any place!



[title style="bold" text="5. Attolle Clothiers"]

attolle clothiers african apparel

Attolle Clothiers are contemporary ready-to-wear pieces with select bespoke outfits crafted primarily from printed cotton wax popularly known as African Wax Print or Ankara Wax Print.



[title style="bold" text="6. Crowns Coloring Books"]

Crowns Coloring Books

Crowns a coloring book celebrating women across cultures, its relaxing and fun and its a good way to end your day or take your breaks especially in those "woosah" moments.



[title style="bold" text="7. Melodrama Boutique"]

melodrama boutique

Melodrama is more than a women's fashion boutique, it's "sisterhood," a weekend social extravaganza, and a place for emerging businesses to promote their services. Melodrama boutique is a lifestyle.


Address: 5306 Almeda Road, Houston, Texas 77004


[title style="bold" text="8. Uppity Style"]

uppity style

Need a top that matches your mood? Uppity style has some really cool tee's that Black Women will love! You can wear them with your jeans, throw a blazer over it and jazz it up with some of their artisan jewelry.


[title style="bold" text="9. McQueens"]

mcqueens houston

Custom Tailor Shoes, Accessories & Vision for both men and women


Address: 4402 Almeda Rd. Houston Tx. 77004


[title style="bold" text="10. Tribe of Dumo"]

tribe of dumo
Be vibrant, be beautiful, be you. Express yourself through the use of color and print. Every woman has a uniqueness to her. Tribe of Dumo's collection empowers women to speak up and speak out!


[title style="bold" text="11.Kisa Kisa Fashion"]

[caption id="attachment_8304" align="aligncenter" width="500"] kisa kisa fashion[/caption]

Does your outfit need an assist? Try pairing it with one of  Kisa Kisa's handbags and captivate the crowd!


[title style="bold" text="12. ByAnike"]

by Anike turbans

By Anike incorporates more than just jewelry and turbans, it will encompass fashion styling, manicures, nail art, hair accessories and more.


[title style="bold" text="13. Xpozher Boutique"]

xpozher africa earrings

Add some character to your wardrobe with haute jewelry and accessories from Xpozher boutique!


Address: 2024 E. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77004 (located inside the Gite Gallery)


[title style="bold" text="14. Unique African Fashion"]

unique africa fashion boutique houston

The mission of Unique African Fashion is to expose people of all cultures to African fashion. They sell both men and women's Apparel.



[title style="bold" text="15. Brionya James"]

brionya james art houston

Brionya James is an upcoming artist who creates Art that tells a story and is correlated with her own poetry. Her pieces are perfect to set the tone in your new home or office.



[title style="bold" text="16. Nefertari Palace"]

mosiah world houston

The unique fusion of ancient symbols and current trends are sure to bring healing to all wearers of Nefertari Palace jewelry. Each handcrafted piece combines one-of-a-kind beauty with powerful holistic properties!



[title style="bold" text="17. House of Takura"]

house of takura
House of Takura is a lifestyle brand focused on high-end and uniquely-stylish designs. H.O.T fuses African textiles with western fabric and/or modern styles


[title style="bold" text="18. Sugar Lump Creations"]

africa queen bag

Sugar Lump Creations has all of your needs from handcrafted tops and tote bags to hand painted wine glasses!



[title style="bold" text="19. MikMont Creations"]

black pride cards

MikMont has creative witty and unique paper goods to increase thoughtfulness and literacy for the culture of course. Great for office Decor or even perfect gifts for your dorm room.



[title style="bold" text="20. The Gite Gallery"]

black art gallery houston

The gallery features beautiful and unique art and artifacts that include original paintings, hand carved wooden statues, bronze sculptures, tribal masks and hats, brightly colored textiles, select vintage accent furniture and more, all from sub-Saharan Africa.


Address: 2024 E. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77004


[title style="bold" text="21. Africa On My Back"]

african kente backpack

What better way to represent your roots than on your back! Check out these super dope back packs that'll definitely grab everyones attention.



[title style="bold" text="22. K Jones Jewelry"]

african metal jewelry

Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry to add intricate detail or to help make you stand out K Jones Jewelry is the way to go!



[title style="bold" text="23. Onyii & Co."]

onyii african culture fashion clothes

In need of a High Fashion look? Then you'll Love Onyii & Co. From the runway and for the people!


[title style="bold" text="24. Exotic Time Piece"]

unique mens watches
Exotic Time Piece is a unique online men's watch boutique that caters to the everyday Male swag. We believe that a watch shouldn't just tell time it should show your sense of style!


[title style="bold" text="25. Set Sail"]

positive apparel
Combining the passion for streetwear with the desire to be an entrepreneur, SET SAIL APPAREL was established in Houston as a streetwear brand based on positive potential, transformed into creative action.


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