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Red Coral and Black Himba Inspired Set | Wound Beads | Brass Sun Baule | Faux Mud Cloth | Himba | African

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This vibrant necklace is very cultural. The red coral circle beads give just enough color and pop to complete any attire. The origin of the word Coral comes from the Greek word Korallion and Latin word Coralium, which both derived from the early Hebrew goral meaning "small pebble". The white and brown eye beads are made of bone and come from Kenya. This design is created through a dying method better known as “batik”, which is a wax relief process. The wound globe beads throughout this piece are handmade individually through the “Lost Wax process” technique. The beads measure approximately 13-14mm in diameter. Along the side of the necklace is the black African vinyl bead that is found in Ghana and Nigeria. They are often worn as waist beads. Connecting in the middle of this necklace is the handmade Sun Baule Brass Beads from Ghana that are easily identified by the Adinkra sun and moon symbols.
This black and cream himba necklace can be worn multiple ways: you can have the closure to the back of your neck or adjust to show in the front. The pattern shows the detail of this piece. It is definitely a great fashion statement!
  • Measurement: Sun Baule: Length: 5 in., Width: 5 in., Sun Baule 2 in., Wound bead 13-14mm in diameter, Mud Cloth: Length: 27 in. Width: 1 in.
  • Color: Coral Necklace: Red, Gold and BlackMud Cloth: Black and Cream
  • Fabric: Faux mud cloth
  • Hardware: Coral Necklace: Bronze lobster clasp, Magnetic closure

Note: Each item is handmade, due to variances in the fabric print each item may look slightly different than the one pictured. No two items will look exactly the same, thus creating a custom look just for you.

Care: Do not sleep, bath or exercise while wearing this item.

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Red Coral and Black Himba Inspired Set | Wound Beads | Brass Sun Baule | Faux Mud Cloth | Himba | African

$98.10 USD Regular price $112.92 USD

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Nancy Harvey

I will be wearing this combo on Sunday, for my Born Day celebration, as only a goddess should. It is beautiful, as all the pieces I have acquired from Cloth and Cord.

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